Thank You, North Carolina

I see all the news about all the push-back from companies like American Airlines, Apple, Google, Lowes, etc. against HB2, passed and signed by Governor Pat McCrory into Law yesterday evening (3/23/26).

Words like “bigot”, “embarrassment”, and of course, the old go-to “intolerant” were flying all over the internet today.

Well from Whole Armour Of God, I want to say a big “Thank You” to North Carolina for standing for common sense, for passing a law that protects our children from perverts, and for standing up for the families in North Carolina who overwhelmingly support this law. Not to mention the fact that this decision is in agreement with Biblical principles.

But since all these big corps are so twisted out of shape by this new law, here’s an idea. If they want to accommodate LGBTs desires to use the facilities of the opposite sex, let them build their own “Gender-Neutral” facilities. Oh, wait. That would mean spending their money instead of ours….

And finally, for those who have been saying that this law hurts families with older children with disabilities, two things: First, many places now have “Family” Restroom facilities for just such needs. Second, the law was not intended to keep these families from using a restroom, and I’m quite sure that provisions will be made to account for such needs.


God Bless. Stand Up. Be Of Good Courage. Joshua 24:15


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